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  • Training Center Lavazza

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Lavazza in your office

  • Lavazza Firma, Lavazza BLUE, Lavazza Espresso Point

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Lavazza Coffee Shop

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Lavazza Offices

  • LUIGI LAVAZZA S.p.A. Headquarters

    <p>Via Bologna 32, 10152 -&nbsp;Turin&nbsp;- Italy</p> <p>Phone: +39 011 23.98.1 - Fax. +39 011 23.98.324</p> <p>P.I. IT00470550013 - R.I. di Turin 00470550013</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
  • LUIGI LAVAZZA S.p.a. Plant

    <h3>Strada Settimo 410, 10154 -&nbsp;Turin&nbsp;- Italy</h3> <h3>Phone: +39 011 23.98.414 - Fax. +39 011 23.98.510<br> </h3>

Work with us

  • Career site

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  • Suppliers

    <h3>If you are a company and would like to be a Lavazza supplier&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="/content/lavazza-gcc/en/chi-siamo/company/lavora-con-noi-fornitori.html">Click here</a><br> </h3>

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