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From the choice of a type of coffee, assistance and repair of our products, or information on online purchases, we are always at your service.

From the choice of a type of coffee, assistance and repair of our products, or information on online purchases, we are always at your service.

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To get in touch with your local Lavazza MEA distributor, please check their contacts in the dedicated page.

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Frequently asked question

What is Lavazza Training Center & how does it work?

Get more details at this link! At present, the training activities promoted by our Training Centre are reserved to professionals who use Lavazza products intended for restaurants and bars. If you already are a Lavazza customer, kindly let us have your personal data (company name, your name and surname, city and province of residence, telephone number, VAT number) through the B2B contact form link, so that a Lavazza representative can contact you and provide you with detailed information. However, we plan to extend access to our courses to our consumers: keep following us to stay up-to-date on our activities!

What does Lavazza for sustainability?

The sustainability strategy of the Lavazza Group is outlined in our Sustainability Manifesto “A Goal in Every Cup”, a policy statement inspired by the strong sense of corporate responsibility that the company has always felt toward the communities where it operates. Also check our Sustainability Balance is the main tool that we use to communicate the annual results of our efforts in the field of sustainability.

What is Lavazza Foundation?

The Giuseppe and Pericle Lavazza Foundation NPO, established in 2004, promotes and carries out economic, social and environmental sustainability projects in favour of coffee producing communities the world over. The primary aim of the Lavazza Foundation is to help coffee producers improve the yield and quality of their products, through training on good farming practices and by fostering the development of their entrepreneurial skills. For further information we invite you to consult the relevant section of the Lavazza website.

How to become a Lavazza supplier?

Find out how to become one of our suppliers at this link.

How to work with us at Lavazza?

Join Lavazza and grow with us. Check the currently open positions at this link.

I have a commercial request, how should I get in touch with you?

Please submit your request here.


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