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How to make coffee with the Moka Pot

Discover how to make the perfect Italian coffee with the iconic Moka Pot.

By Lavazza Team 2/3 minutes

Synonymous with the ‘Made in Italy’ trademark, the Moka pot is probably the most widespread kitchen utensil in an Italian household.

The Moka is a coffee pot designed by Alfonso Bialetti in 1933 and subsequently produced in more than 105 million units. This product of Italian industrial design is famous all over the world and it is currently being exhibited in the permanent collection of the Triennale Design Museum in Milan and the MoMA in New York.

The Moka has changed slightly in shape over the years, always keeping its typical octagonal shape in aluminium, which has been patented and represents one of the distinctive and original elements of the product. Today, the Moka is known all over the world as a ‘Made in Italy’ icon.


The name Moka originates from the name of the port city of Mokha, in Yemen, where the ships loaded with coffee for the West departed from. For centuries, Yemen was one of the first and most renowned areas for coffee production, particularly of the fine Arabica quality.

The way it works is simple and perfect for domestic use. There are some small but fundamental tricks to help you to use it perfectly and keep it at its best: discover all the tricks to achieve the magic of coffee!

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