Lavazza Espresso Italiano Lavazza Espresso Italiano
Lavazza Espresso Italiano

Bring the Italian way of life into your home with Espresso Italiano. Our quality beans offer you a real espresso taste experience, ideal for any preparation method.

Lavazza Espresso Italiano
Espresso Italiano

Enjoy coffee as Italians do, every day.



A high-quality coffee selection from Central-South America, South East Asia or Africa.



Savour the aromatic notes of flowers or spices and cocoa or chocolate and dried fruit.



Enjoy rich blends made from 100% Arabica or Arabica and Robusta high quality beans.



Taste the blend in whole beans or ground coffee.

Cooking is craftmanship, and a great chef is obsessed with quality


Sustainable is not just who we are but how we live.

Thanks to those cooperating with us, we have been able to create a continuous cycle wherein innovation in product and process, qualitative excellence and sustainability all build upon each other.

Join us and discover the joy of sustainability.


Our certifications

Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the Lavazza Experience. Whether your favourite is A Modo Mio capsules or Qualità Rossa ground or whole beans, the important thing is to live sustainably, even as you sip that very first coffee of the day. Check out our sustainability certifications.

Customer service

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