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We want every cup of coffee to be a unique, innovative and sustainable experience

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Since 1935, Lavazza has adopted a company vision that prioritizes the economic, human, environmental and cultural heritage of the countries it has worked and continues to work with.

From the very beginning, the Lavazza Group aimed at combining excellence, sustainability and innovation to guarantee maximum coffee quality with the minimum possible environmental impact.

In doing so, it made every cup of coffee a unique and environmentally friendly experience, one that consumers could enjoy at any time without having to compromise its quality. 


Lavazza Group’s Blend for Better manifesto is representative of our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 United Nations Agenda. This manifesto speaks directly to our ambition of not only producing top-quality coffee, but doing so in a sustainable way that integrates the principles of sustainability into all its activities and processes.

As the Lavazza Group embarked on a journey to integrate these principles, one of our most significant efforts in making a positive impact on a social, economic and environmental level was through the production of sustainable products. Take, for instance, one of our most popular sustainable products: the Lavazza eco caps. These caps are made of a compostable biopolymer and, most importantly, they are biodegradable within 180 days, if correctly processed.

Another important effort worth noting throughout this journey, was Lavazza’s support, both financial and otherwise, of sustainable development projects that contribute to improving the working and living conditions in the local communities in which we operate. Since people are always placed at the heart of every project in the Lavazza Group, through these initiatives, we hope to foster a working environment that protects people, their quality of life and that of their families.


Apart from the many projects and initiatives that demonstrate Lavazza Group’s innovative and environmentally responsible approach, we are proud to list some of our most prized accomplishments below - our certifications. We have worked arduously, dedicating precious time and resources, to obtain each and every one.

· Rainforest Alliance: This certification means we are committed to offering products from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. This important seal is a symbol of brands and businesses that are committed to driving economic development, building resilient communities and protecting our environment.

· TÜV Austria Product Certification: This certification recognizes that products such as the Lavazza Eco Caps are industrially compostable because they conform to international standard EN 13432, as shown by their certification by TÜV Austria. Products that have been certified by TÜV AUSTRIA often have a significant competitive advantage as they offer objective proof of product quality.

· Organic certification: This certification is given to brands and businesses that offer a product that has been harvested according to the production processes following the European Union’s regulations on organic farming.

· WELL Health-Safety Rating certification: The Lavazza Group has selected WELL Health-Safety as the protocol to be adopted to protect all those who spend time in its spaces. The buildings with this certification are identifiable by the WELL Health-Safety Rating sign at the entrance. However, all Lavazza Group worldwide sites embody the values of quality, safety, beauty and well-being

· LEED® certification: The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification is the most famous worldwide award for energy and environmental performance. The Nuvola Lavazza building, the new Lavazza Corporate Management Centre, has already attained PLATINUM-level LEED® certification, one of the highest certification levels. It is currently one of the most sustainable buildings in the world

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