Vogue and Lavazza turn glitter into gold

Start Milan Fashion Week with a glamourous breakfast at Lavazza’s Flagship Store.

By Lavazza Team 2/3 minutes

Milan Fashion Week is much more than exclusive clothes and fashion, it’s about the atmosphere. Seven days in which you inhale glamour and trends in every corner of this epicenter of Italian fashion. As trailblazers ourselves, Lavazza wanted to be a part of it too.

That’s why, together with, we came up with The Seven Shapes of Breakfast events. Inspired by the latest trends in food, we created seven different breakfast menus: a unique and delicious recipe for each day of Milan Fashion Week. From moka pot coffee with taco-sponge to espresso with toasted brioches with vanilla butter as well as caviar with coffee, our goal was to help fashionistas from all over the world get their day started, with an exceptional cup of coffee and one-of-a-kind meal, courtesy of Lavazza and!


The event took place in our first Flagship Store in Milan, whose inauguration was held alongside this glittering world event, in 2017. Each recipe created would go on to become a small aesthetic composition which was photographed and featured in gallery.

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