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Lavazza celebrates Cuban culture with the special edition "¡Tierra! La Habana".

By Lavazza Team 2/3 minutes

The 500th anniversary of Havana's foundation happens only twice in a thousand years.  

And that's why it should be celebrated with full honours. 

On this occasion, Lavazza has launched "¡Tierra! La Habana", a limited-edition blend of 100% Arabica Cubana that evokes, in both taste and design, the warm and colourful atmosphere of Cuban culture. 

The limited-edition ¡Tierra! La Habana and the commitment of Lavazza in the country are part of a long-term project started in 2018 by the Lavazza Foundation, in partnership with Oxfam and the Cuban authorities


The history of Cuba is also the history of coffee.

French settlers started growing coffee on this island in the XVIII century. Its favourable climate and good agricultural practices gave Cuban coffee its prestige, which quickly spread beyond the confines of the island. However, halfway through of the last century, a declining phase began.

Today, the country is experiencing problems linked to falling coffee production, poor quality management and the need for the regeneration of low-productivity areas. Now more than ever, this situation has had significant repercussions on local communities, particularly due to the abandonment of farming by the younger generations and the lack of involvement of women.


Last year, with the project ¡Tierra!, Lavazza launched a program to improve the production of sustainable-quality coffee and the farmers' living standards in Cuba.

The first phase of the project, conceived and managed by the Giuseppe and Pericle Lavazza Onlus Foundation, saw the creation of 10 production and grafting centres for 6 million new top-quality coffee plants in the east of the island, involving the communities of Granma and Santiago.

With the reinforcement of the coffee production chain, local communities have had the opportunity to build a small production unit, foster the role of women and young people and allow a fairer distribution of work and sustainable economic growth over time.


Lavazza has chosen to contribute to the celebrations in Havana by sharing its centuries of experience with local communities, revealing its production processes, blending and roasting techniques, together with its art of authentic Italian espresso and the latest trends in recipes.

With a dedicated training program, Lavazza supports the opening of 34 schools, which spread knowledge about farming best practices to 2,900 coffee growers and 500 technicians in the sector. 

In the evocative setting of Casa de la Amistad, the company has set up a temporary version of its Training Center. With 47 locations around the world, these training centres are the largest coffee training network for experts and enthusiasts.

The atmosphere, the colours and the people of Cuba have been the main protagonists of Steve McCurry’s photographic exhibition - who has signed all the shots of the project ¡Tierra! since its creation. In his shots, Steve depicted the activities linked to coffee production and the strong bond between people and their land.

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