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Lavazza Calendar 2015 by Steve McCurry

By Lavazza Team 3 minutes


Born in a suburb of Philadelphia, he studied film at Pennsylvania State University. He is the photographer who showed the world the first images of the conflict in Afghanistan. Since then, McCurry, thanks to his attentive eye and extraordinary commitment, has continued to report on war zone conflicts, on disappearing cultures, ancient and modern traditions, yet always placing emphasis on the human element. 


The 2015 Lavazza calendar, made with Slow Food and designed by Steve McCurry, is a photographic journey into the stories of everyday heroism by Earth Defenders; women and men who defend their projects in Africa every day with courage, pride and dedication. Lavazza and Slow Food are thus in tune with the Earth Defenders and food traditions; they are the symbols of hope for local communities, the spokespeople for possible development and a better future. McCurry’s 12 portraits allow him to immortalise the soul, strength and humanity of these Earth Defenders. In 2015, for the first time, the Lavazza calendar was sold as a limited edition to support the project “10,000 Vegetable Gardens in Africa”.

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