Lavazza and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals

In order to disseminate and promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Lavazza and the City of Turin have promoted the project TOward2030. What are you doing? - an urban art initiative that speaks of sustainability and that has turned the city, from the town centre to the outskirts, into an amplifier of the 17 +1Goals of the United Nations, through the universal language of street art. In order for the Agenda 2030 to be achievable, as many people as possible need to be engaged. 


It was precisely with this in mind, that Lavazza decided to imagine an additional goal - Goal Zero: spreading the message. The latter refers to a vision by Lavazza as well as our commitment to be an amplifier of a forward looking culture based on sustainability. Like the other 17 SDGs, Goal Zero has a dedicated wall, created by Ernest Zacharevic.

Discover what progress has been made in achieving these Goals in Italy


Goal 0

With its very own "Goal 0", Lavazza has committed to implementing a programme to engage its stakeholders



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